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If you’re paginating your data and have tens or hundreds of pages, chances are you’d prefer only a subset of these be displayed in your page number list (example – see page list at bottom). Django-paginator gets 90% of your work done for you however it doesn’t support this one very useful feature. To make a developers life easier, meet flynsarmy_paginator!

flynsarmy_pagination in action


Download it here.

This app is a simple subclass of django’s built in Paginator and Page classes. The only changes I’ve made are to add an optional adjacent_pages parameter to FlynsarmyPaginator and a .page_range_data variable to the FlynsarmyPage object with the following contents:

  • page_range – same as Paginator.page_range – a list of page numbers but only showing a subset of pages if adjacent_pages was specified in the FlynsarmyPaginator constructor.
  • show_first – Boolean value set to True if ‘1’ isn’t present in the page_range list above.
  • show_last – Boolean vlaue set to True if the last page isn’t present in the page_range list above.

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