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Even though it hasn’t worked for quite some time now, my previous PHP WebSocket chat application has garnered quite a bit of attention and is still one of my most heavily trafficked posts. As a result I thought I’d provide you all with a working script as of Feb 15, 2012. Also, because I’m your typical lazy developer, I’ll be building on top of other peoples’ work – most notably PHPWebSocket.

You can download the final script here. According to the Wikipedia article on WebSockets, it should work in IE10+, Firefox 7+ and Chrome 14+. Personally I tested with Chrome 17.0.963.46 and Firefox 10.0.1.

I want to stress that this tutorial is designed to be extremely basic and as such does not give alot of functionality out of the box (but provides all the tools required to add more). It’s simply a working example of a PHP-based WebSocket server.

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