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If you’re reading this page (or my blog in general) it’s a pretty safe bet you already have Google+. If you’ve uploaded any photos to Google+ from Chrome or FF, you would also have noticed its snazzy HTML5 file uploader at work. This weekend I took it upon myself to whip up a quick and dirty version of that uploader and share its inner workings with the world.

Google+ Image Uploader
Google+ Image Uploader

Here’s a short video of my uploader at work:


  • PHP4+
  • HTML5-enabled browser (File API – including drag and drop, XHR2)
  • Some images to upload

Disclaimer: Currently only Firefox and Webkit based browsers meet the requirements above. Opera supports the File API and probably XHR2 (I haven’t tested), however it doesn’t have drag and drop so this tutorial won’t work with it. If you’re curious about whether or not IE will work with this tutorial, I’m already laughing at you.

Download the finished script here.

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