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Eternity's Trials has been up and running for over nine years. The immortal staff is very courteous and patient. The players are newbie friendly and a very social bunch. New and exciting changes are put in almost weekly and the world is huge: it has over 15,000 rooms. ET is proud to have given birth to some of the most popular ROM areas ever released to the public domain: Twin Peaks, Sea of Sorrows, Pern, Pernicia, Amity, Sidhonia, Gilda and the Dragon, and many many more. The building staff uses every means available to make sure areas are fresh and challenging and not just hack n' slash.

Quests are run often by the immortal staff but if you miss those we also have auto-questing available for players level 11 and higher. Pkilling is unrestricted after level 20 and players may join a clan at that time. Some of the clans of ET have been around for a long time and have a rich history. Players make & run clans: recently, they have created 3 new clans. Clans have their own unique characteristics, equipment and banking system, through which they can save gold to upgrade their clan keeps.

If you enjoy a challenging mud with a friendly social atmosphere, come check us out. If you have any questions while playing feel free to ask them over one of the public channels and either an Immortal or another player will come to your rescue.

About MUDs

MUDs are Multi User Dungeons. They are online mutiplayer games played entirely with text and have no graphics other than ASCII art. MUDs require a telnet client to connect to them. Many operating systems come with a default telnet client (In Windows it's Start -> Run -> Telnet) but these are often difficult to use. A telnet client such as zMUD or Mushclient is advised.

The idea of a MUD is to allow a player to take control of a character in a virtual world, where he or she can move around and interact with either Mobs (Mobiles - Non-player controlled characters) or other players. This may include leveling up and gaining experience, solving puzzles, exploring new areas infested with dangerous mobs ready to try hindering your every movement or simply sitting back and chatting over public or private channels with other players.

Newbie Information

How do i connect to Eternity's Trials?
Complete Newbies Guide to Character Creation
What's the best way to start out?
What're the basic things I need to know?
How does training and practising work
Where do I go!
Can I have some directions to common low areas?
What stuff should I kill and not kill?
How does a healer work?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MUD?
What do i do to connect up to a MUD?
I'm Connected! Now what do i do?
How can I make sure i don't annoy anyone?
What is an 'Immortal'?
Is it possible to start my own MUD?
Where can I go to find useful information?
What is spamming and what is botting?
What is lag?

Area Information

Information about various areas of Eternity's Trials. This includes a basic outline of how popular the it is, if the area is a good leveling or good equipment area and any other useful information.

EQ Database

Huge item and equipment database showing information on location, level, stats, value and other relvant information. Information is currently available on approximately 1000 items.


Official Eternity's Trials Website
Mud Connector
Callum Co.
Lazy Hungry

Notes Reader

An easily navigatable, searchable database of Eternity's Trials history including notes, news, changes and idea notes created by players over the past several years.


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