Doctrine Driver for Kohana Auth Module [Updated 21 Feb 2011]

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It’s probably become apparent by now that I like Doctrine. It’s quick, it’s easy and it works with everything. So here’s a Doctrine driver for the Kohana Auth module, allowing you to use Doctrine instead of Kohanas integrated ORM.

Download: Kohana Auth Doctrine Driver 1.03 here

Installation instructions:
Unzip the module to your /modules folder.
Enable the module by adding

'auth_doctrine' => MODPATH.'auth_doctrine',  // Doctrine driver for Auth module

to the modules array in the following file:
Kohana 3:/bootstrap.php
Kohana 2: /config/config.php

UPDATE Jul 15 2010: Fixed incorrect user login bug. Please redownload
UPDATE Dec 22 2010: Fixed ‘remember’ session bug.
UPDATE Jan 3 2011: Fixed bug if calling Auth::instance()->logged_in(‘role_name’). Thanks to freenode #doctrine user SirFunk for this one – good catch!
Update Feb 21 2011: New module at a new home! See here for details