How to Move App Menus Back Into Their Windows in Ubuntu

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You’ve recently upgraded to Ubuntu Natty and discovered that Unity is crap. Don’t worry – you’re in the vast majority. One of the many issues with this disastrous attempt at a shell is that it moves application menus into a global menu in the top panel. This may be useful for small screens – but for the other 99% of the market it’s just downright frustrating.

After a bit of searching I came across this post describing how to banish the global menu back to the warped hell from whence it came. You want to remove the indicator-appmenu package.

This is but one of a great many great challenges you’ll face if you decide to continue on with Unity. Good luck…and may God have mercy on your soul should you choose to stick with it.

  • Ian

    Well the 2nd generation Unity has arrived in 11.10. But it is still a usability FAIL and a non-starter if you have dual monitors.

    To dump it go to the Software centre and enter “gnome-session-fallback” and install it. Then log out and choose ‘GNOME Classic’ at the login screen.

  • Stephen Mann

    ‘from whence it came’ should be ‘whence it came’

  • ElectricPrism

    I found that the instructions on this page for Ubuntu 12.04 worked.


    In addition you also have to disable the Firefox Ubuntu Addon, and also it’s not a perfect fix as without the Global Menu you can no longer us the alt key to search through an Apps commands.