How to Move App Menus Back Into Their Windows in Ubuntu

Posted April 28th, 2011 (Updated 29 Oct 2011) in Linux

You’ve recently upgraded to Ubuntu Natty and discovered that Unity is crap. Don’t worry – you’re in the vast majority. One of the many issues with this disastrous attempt at a shell is that it moves application menus into a global menu in the top panel. This may be useful for small screens – but for the other 99% of the market it’s just downright frustrating.

After a bit of searching I came across this post describing how to banish the global menu back to the warped hell from whence it came. You want to remove the indicator-appmenu package.

This is but one of a great many great challenges you’ll face if you decide to continue on with Unity. Good luck…and may God have mercy on your soul should you choose to stick with it.

  • Ian

    Well the 2nd generation Unity has arrived in 11.10. But it is still a usability FAIL and a non-starter if you have dual monitors.

    To dump it go to the Software centre and enter “gnome-session-fallback” and install it. Then log out and choose ‘GNOME Classic’ at the login screen.

  • Stephen Mann

    ‘from whence it came’ should be ‘whence it came’

  • ElectricPrism

    I found that the instructions on this page for Ubuntu 12.04 worked.


    In addition you also have to disable the Firefox Ubuntu Addon, and also it’s not a perfect fix as without the Global Menu you can no longer us the alt key to search through an Apps commands.